HYOH Adventures Membership (1 Year)

HYOH Adventures Membership (1 Year)

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HYOH Adventures Membership (1 Year)


Welcome Adventurist 


Because  you have an interest, in our Adventure Club, I’d like to thank you by offering you membership to HYOH Adventures.

Please  remember whatever yearly membership price you start with, will be your  yearly membership for life, this means your membership will always stay  the same every year thereafter.

Membership Benefits

1. Advance access to event information, and registration (There will be space      limitations, so register as soon as you know you’d like to attend)

2. Priority for any adventure waiting lists.

3. Special offers and discounts for future offerings

4. Free use of kayaks and camping equipment at any scheduled event. (While supplies last)


Once  I receive your payment, I will register you as a HYOH Adventure Club Member.


Thank  You for your friendship, interest, joyful participation and continued support for this club. I’m looking forward to making many more memories  with you all!


Alan Maschhoff

HYOH Adventures

Owner / Founder / Organizer